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KitPvP Guide


Ragnarok Network KitPvP feature guide:



Outposts is a feature which is an important factor in our economy. To claim an outpost you must stand on top of it until you have claimed it 100%. 


Bronze outpost:
You receive 8x Bronze every 60 seconds you hold the outpost. 1x Bronze is worth 10$


Silver outpost:
You receive 4x Silver every 60 seconds you hold the outpost. 1x Silver is worth 20$


Gold outpost:
You receive 1x Gold every 60 seconds you hold the outpost. 1x Gold is worth 75$



KoTH is an event in which you have to capture a platform for 5 minutes in order to win. You get 5x koth keys, which can be used to open the KoTH crate at /warp crates. 

To get to the KoTH island you have to run /warp mushroom. You must be level 10 in order to participate in the event. KoTH starts at 19:00 GMT every Saturday.


Fishing is another way to make money or get rare items. You can find the Fisher at the winter island. On this island there is also water for you to use for fishing. You can get rewards such as Protection 4 armour, Peasant Gem and different fishes which give custom effects.



Runes are the equivalent to store credits with one exception. 1$ = 10 runes. There are various ways to obtain runes including buying them from the store.

Runes can be used to purchase a lot of things for cheaper than store, have a look by doing /runeshop in-game!


We have 8 voting sites available. Voting on all sites gives you 1 rune everyday. You also have a 30% chance to get a rune from voting instead of the regular voting rewards.

We will be giving store vouchers to anyone who crosses 200 votes in one month.


Killstreak rewards
Killstreak rewards are prizes you get for reaching certain killstreaks. You can claim your prizes through the “Killstreaks” NPC located at spawn. 


The type of available rewards will remain a secret and is left for you guys to explore!


Coming soon.

Treasures are chests that are randomly scattered around the map, containing random goods. You can see the treasure rewards by the treasure hunter NPC, which also tells you it’s due to start.


There are four different rarities: common, rare, epic and legendary!

God kits
God kits are special kits which you can receive through our online store, crates or rune shop.

The kits are the following: Frigg, Thor, Heimdall, Odin, Loki.



Purchasable warps

Runes are also used for purchasing warps which makes it easier to travel. Use /runeshop to have a look!


Daily Rewards

Daily rewards can be claimed using the NPC at /spawn. The higher the streak the better the rewards. Streaks reset if you don't login daily and claim it. Streaks will start from the beginning after the 28th reward has been claimed.



You can create your own tribe and invite your friends. Tribes have a 3 member limit, but can have up to 5 members if the tribe has been leveled up enough. The leader of a tribe can choose to toggle friendly fire. This is useful, so that tribe members cannot hit each other during teamfights. To see the top tribes, run the command /tribe top.

about 1 month ago
KitPvP release (& staff applications)!

Hello everyone!

After patching the bugs you guys reported and finishing the last few features that hadn't been there during beta testing, we are happy to announce that we will be releasing SkyPvP, now named KitPvP, on Saturday the 20th of August.

More information about that will follow tomorrow. While you wait, why not have a look at our new trailer.

As we are getting closer to release we have decided to open staff applications. If you are interested in being a part of the Ragnarok team, be sure to apply for a position through the link sent below. Every staff member is required to have 2fa enabled on both Discord and the forums. More requirements are listed on our forum.

You can apply here:

If you have any questions regarding staff applications, feel free to send a dm to me (Victix#5380 on discord). I'm looking forward to reading all of your applications. Best of luck!


3 months ago
Open Beta!

Hello everyone!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who was there during the closed beta. There were many glitches, but those that were reported have all been fixed. We think it is now time to be opening the beta testing to the public. SkyPvP will be open to everyone on Saturday the 2nd of July at 1:00 pm CET. If you happen to find any bugs during the open beta, please open a ticket to get these fixed. If you have any feedback about the gameplay, feel free to let us know.  When we believe we have finally patched all glitches and bugs on the server, we will end the beta testing period and get the server ready to release. After beta testing all ranks, tags, stats, money and items will be reset. Only those during closed beta will keep their OG tag and those who found bugs will receive their Bug Catcher tag.


3 months ago
Closed Beta!

Hello everyone!

I am here to announce we are officially opening our closed beta on Thursday 23rd, 7:00 pm CET. Everyone with 5 Discord invites or an active booster role may open a ticket to receive beta access. If you do not meet those requirements, you can also purchase beta rank on our store through this url:*.
Everyone who played during the closed beta will also receive a limited edition OG tag.

More information about beta testing will be announced Thursday.
For now, take a look at this teaser below!

*The prices on the store are not final and just a temporary placeholder.

4 months ago
Sneak Peak!

Hey everyone! As we are getting closer to beta testing, we thought we'd share some of our building progress with you all. A lot of thought has gone into the map to keep it unique and suited best for PvP. Here you can see some images of our hub and some SkyPvP islands.